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What we do

Our Mission Flipbook

Uniting the Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada as one National collective Head of State with final decision-making authority within the law of our land, our Constitution. Wherein we become the Collective Crown of Canada which acts as the core, or “the most basic building block”, of true Democracy within Parliament.

Phase 1

Correcting the Past

Phase 2


Phase 3

Quiet Democratic Revolution

DISCLAIMER: THE INFORMATION INCLUDED THEREIN DO NOT CONSTITUTE ANY LEGAL ADVICE. The CPU (Canadian Peoples’ Union) is a Civil and Political Rights Union of Canadian and Indigenous Peoples whose rights are duly protected, activating their collective and personal rights to self-determination according to the national and international laws in force. Please note that their representatives act as researchers only. All information transmitted are for educational purposes only and should not be mistaken for legal advice.

The CPU is also a proud member /supporter of:

1) The Canadian Federation of Independent Business

2) Lawyers Rights Watch Canada/ The RIGHT to FREEDOM

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Our Causes

We thank you in advance for your support and dedication to our children, this country, and for being a light in the future of a better world.

The PowerShift Movement

All proceeds finance the necessary administrative and legal expenses of the PowerShift to Freedom movement.

$35,000.00 / $500,000.00



Curious about the Canadian Peoples’ Union? Here’s a short list of FAQs to help you learn more about our organization.

What is the CPU?

The Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP (not for profit) is not a labour union nor political party. It is a union of Canadian Citizens and Indigenous Peoples who are exercising their collective civil and political rights.

As a reaction to the launch of the New World Order (Global Government) in 2017, the Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP was founded and incorporated.

Nicole Lebrasseur is the CEO of the Canadian Peoples’ Union and head legal researcher. Since 2008, Nicole discovered how our elites robbed us of our rights. Also on the board of directors are Denis Lamothe, CFO, and Barb Garlow, director.

Becoming a formal member of the C.P.U. means you become a political game-changer, with the purpose of placing the civil and political rights power to the citizens through the PowerShift to Freedom movement. Your contribution helps finance the legal teams and expenses that will inevitably be necessary to set things right.


What is the PowerShift ?

The PowerShift is about shifting power from party elites to informed citizens and Indigenous Peoples collectively as final decision-makers with VETO power on all decisions affecting us at every level of governance. This movement belongs to all of us in Canada, not just to the CPU and its volunteers.

What is the Convention of Consent?

Prior to the creation of the C.P.U., in 2014, Nicole created the key to transitioning from Partocracy and parliamentary democracy to another type that would be chosen by the people.

While The PowerShift’s legal researchers are hard at work, a key action that concerns the rest of us is the ''Indigenous and Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment Convention of Consent''. This is a living document to be signed by all Canadian and Indigenous Peoples 15 years old and over who want our combined rights to be lawfully recognized in our Constitution.

The Convention of Consent is

  • free
  • completely confidential (contrary to petitions)
  • and will become legally binding once it reaches 51% of the citizens in 7 provinces.

Signing it is the ultimate way to show the government and the world how much we want our VETO rights over our government and ensure our safe and prosperous future. It is important to remind ourselves that our rights over our natural resources and the profits they generate are also among the many things that the government is stealing from us. The citizens should be duly recognized as the primary legal shareholders and co-owners of these Canadian resources.

I-ACUSE stands for “Indigenous And Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment”.

A legally binding contract between Canadian Citizens and Indigenous Peoples, showing that we want our rights recognized and rightfully entrenched in our Constitution.

Electronic signatures are legal in Canada. 

What is True Freedom?

True Freedom can only be achieved once the people are legally in power over government. Canadian history includes a few instances when Canadians and Indigenous Peoples were given the right to legally and collectively rule over their government.

What is Open Government?

OPEN GOVERNMENT is a system SUPPOSEDLY designed to make government more accessible so everyone can participate. It has been created by our government to facilitate the New World Order and, in the wrong hands, it can be detrimental to our society.

However, the collective people, as final decision-makers, could use the structure of Open Government to facilitate the transition towards healthier types of democracies.

Our collective civil and political rights plus the structure of Open Government and proper referendums with the people monitoring the results.

What's in it for me?

  1. Put an immediate stop to globalization by officially correcting the Canada Act 1982 that is still in the United Kingdom.
  2. Restructure our society with the COLLECTIVE people as the legal shareholders and co-owners of Canada.
  3. Legally take our place as Collective Head of State, above our government, which would be a creative, courageous and important innovation.
  4. Become world leaders in this evolution towards peace, order and good governance along with every Canadian citizen and Indigenous Peoples.
  5. Improve all aspects of life in Canada!

Why should I get involved now?

Our way of life is disappearing as our freedoms are being stripped away unless we ALL say:

  • NO MORE political corruption and self interest
  • NO MORE unaccountability of politicians, civil servants and corporations
  • NO MORE protection against liability for malfeasance
  • NO MORE lies perpetrated by our governments and reinforced by main stream media
  • NO MORE trampling on our political and civil rights
  • NO MORE mandates or decrees without true unbiased evidence and open, honest debates
  • NO MORE corporate agendas dictating government policies
  • NO MORE threats to the health and well-being of our elderly and our children

News & Blog

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