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The Canadian Peoples' Union

The Canadian Peoples’ Union is a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization for all Canadians

We have created this Union of Canadian Citizens and Indigenous Peoples in order to fix the wrongs created by the 1982 constitutional coup d’état undertaken by our federal and provincial government representatives against both the Indigenous and Canadian peoples.

In 1982 P.E. Trudeau had undertaken the self-determination of Canada without the consent of Canadians, and the Indigenous peoples to remove or keep Parliamentary democracy. The Federal and provincial governments kept the same style of governance by placing the Parliament itself in power over the people. Doing so, stole the rights of the people to participate in all decisions affecting our country and governance. 

Since the people had not been properly consulted regarding the acceptance of the 1867/1982 Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the UK inserted conditions in our Constitution which should have been fulfilled within 15 years of its Royal Assent. The United Kingdom was and is internationally, legally, and constitutionally responsible for the proper self-determination, and decolonization of both the Canadian and Indigenous Peoples, of which the obligations have not been met to this day.

Legally exercising our Collective Civil and Political Rights and Decolonization are two of the reasons why the Canadian Peoples Union was created. It is the first of its kind and is an intelligent, quiet evolution for a revolution that needs to take place without chaos, bloodshed, or fear of retribution.

It is the most intelligent way for all Canadians and Indigenous Nations to be in control of what happens in this country, including control of our monetary system, all laws, and especially all corporate laws and what the banks, including the World Bank or the one world governance “Great Reset” in what they can, and cannot do to our country or peoples.

We must evolve our system of governance to protect our country, our rights and all our futures.

It is about each and every one of us taking simple, lawful initiatives.

Our Goal

To reach at least 51% of Canadian citizens in 7 provinces through the Convention of Consent.  We need  Canadian Citizens and Indigenous People to work together under the umbrella of the Canadian People’s Union enforcing our right to collective self-determination and self-governance so that we can have a truly 21st Century pure Democracy for you, me, we the people.

Our Mandate

Uniting the Citizens and Indigenous People of Canada as one collective Head of State with final decision-making authority within the law of our land, our Constitution.

Wherein we become the Collective Crown which acts as the core, or “the most basic building block” of our truly Canadian  Democracy.

As lawful legal shareholders of the Crown and Crown Corporation of Canada, we will then be able to enforce required true referendums by the people in a Policy Democracy.

We will no longer give our democratic right to self-determination and self-governance away to political parties every time we vote.

Questions & Answers

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us.

What is the CPU?

The Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP (not for profit) is not a labour union nor political party. It is a union of Canadian Citizens and Indigenous Peoples who are exercising their collective civil and political rights.

What is the PowerShift?

The PowerShift is about shifting power from party elites to informed citizens and Indigenous Peoples collectively as final decision-makers with VETO power on all decisions affecting us at every level of governance.

This movement belongs to all of us in Canada, not just to the CPU and its volunteers.

What is the Convention of Consent?

The Convention of Consent is a legally binding contract between Canadian Citizens and Indigenous People, showing that we want our rights recognized and rightfully entrenched in our Constitution.

What is True Freedom?

True Freedom can only be achieved once the people are legally in power over government. Canadian history includes a few instances when Canadians and Indigenous Peoples were given the right to legally and collectively rule over their government.

What is Open Government?

Open Government is a system designed to make government more accessible so everyone can participate. It has been created by our government to facilitate the New World Order and, in the wrong hands, it can be detrimental to our society.

However, the collective people, as final decision-makers, could use the structure of Open Government to facilitate the transition towards healthier types of democracies.

Our collective civil and political rights plus the structure of Open Government and proper referendums with the people monitoring the results equals a true democracy where the people would have a voice and be the final decision-makers!

What's in it for me?

  1. Put an immediate stop to globalization by officially correcting the Canada Act 1982 that is still in the United Kingdom.
  2. Restructure our society with the COLLECTIVE people as the legal shareholders and co-owners of Canada.
  3. Legally take our place as Collective Head of State, above our government, which would be a creative, courageous and important innovation.
  4. Become world leaders in this evolution towards peace, order and good governance along with every Canadian citizen and Indigenous Peoples.
  5. Improve all aspects of life in Canada!

Why should I get involved now?

Our way of life is disappearing as our freedoms are being stripped away unless we ALL say:

  • NO MORE political corruption and self interest
  • NO MORE unaccountability of politicians, civil servants and corporations
  • NO MORE protection against liability for malfeasance
  • NO MORE lies perpetrated by our governments and reinforced by main stream media
  • NO MORE trampling on our political and civil rights
  • NO MORE mandates or decrees without true unbiased evidence and open, honest debates
  • NO MORE corporate agendas dictating government policies
  • NO MORE threats to the health and well-being of our elderly and our children Coffee Mugs & Doorhangers

Fundraising Campaign

Help us raise funds to distribute doorhangers to 75,000 homes throughout Canada. Donations of $75.00 and more will receive the new official CPU coffee mug!

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