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The Convention of Consent
PowerShift to Freedom

PowerShift to Freedom

Canadian and Indigenous Peoples activating their collective Civil and Political Rights Canada and the UK have signed in 1976!


Learn How to Sign the
Convention of Consent 

What is the Convention of Consent?


Prior to the creation of the CPU, in 2014, Nicole created the key to transitioning from Partocracy and parliamentary democracy to another type that would be chosen by the people.

While The PowerShift’s legal researchers are hard at work, a key action that concerns the rest of us is the ”Indigenous and Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment Convention of Consent”. This is a living document to be signed by all Canadian and Indigenous Peoples 15 years old and over who want our combined rights to be lawfully recognized in our Constitution.

The Convention of Consent is:
  • free
  • completely confidential (contrary to petitions)
  • and will become legally binding once it reaches 51% of the citizens in 7 provinces.
Signing it is the ultimate way to show the government and the world how much we want our VETO rights over our government and ensure our safe and prosperous future. It is important to remind ourselves that our rights over our natural resources and the profits they generate are also among the many things that the government is stealing from us. The citizens should be duly recognized as the primary legal shareholders and co-owners of these Canadian resources.


I-ACUSE stands for “Indigenous And Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment”.

A legally binding contract between Canadian Citizens and Indigenous Peoples, showing that we want our rights recognized and rightfully entrenched in our Constitution.

Electronic signatures are legal in Canada. Coffee Mugs & Doorhangers

Fundraising Campaign

Help us raise funds to distribute doorhangers to 75,000 homes throughout Canada. Donations of $75.00 and more will receive the new official CPU coffee mug!

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