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From the Great Reset and Social Credit to Collective Self-Determination

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From the Great Reset and Social Credit to Collective Self-Determination: What it Means for Canadians and Indigenous Peoples


By The C.P.U./ PowerShift team


A city in Quebec is introducing the Canadian version of the Chinese “Social Credit” System. What will YOU do?

Would you be the kind of citizen who would check up on your neighbor to make sure that they put enough organic matter in their compost bin? Would you consider reporting them to the authorities in the hope of gaining some kind of reward? 

This might seem like a far-fetched example, but the citizens in Vaudreuil, QC, will soon be faced with microchips in their compost bins to encourage more ecological habits, and they will be rewarded accordingly[1]. It starts with strategies as inoffensive as the monitoring of a compost bin, so as not to raise too much suspicion, and it will extend to almost all aspects of life, if our government has its way…

Does the concept sound familiar? Even before smart compost bins, our own government had already ”rewarded” certain citizens over others; for example, those who decided to get vaccinated, even against their will, got to keep their jobs, or were allowed to travel, or were even offered hot dogs!

The slip towards an environmentally alarmist and guilt-ridden society is paving the way for more governmental control, which is the dawn of totalitarianism by stealth. However, the biggest threat to nature and our environment are corporations, the same ones who finance and support our political parties and the World Economic Forum (WEF: an unelected non-governmental organization and lobbying firm), not the people. For example, a Chinese-owned mining company would like to partly drain a lake in Manitoba to extract cesium, a critical mineral used in drilling fluids for oil and gas wells, medical imaging and maintaining time in atomic clocks, which are part of cell phones[2]. This could have potentially drastic consequences on the environment.

Without having final say over our elected officials, the federal, provincial, and municipal governments can allow our natural resources to be destroyed to benefit corporations, and there is nothing we can do. The government can also, sadly, continue to rob us of the profits that our resources generate. However, as the legal and lawful shareholders of Canada and in our rightful place as collective Head of State, these profits could be turned into dividends and shared among all of us, citizens and Indigenous Nations[3]!

The more the illusion of protection is used to justify smart compost bins, eventual lockdowns, or 15-minute cities and neighborhoods concentrating us into regulated living quarters, in the name of protecting our environment, the more we are witnessing the destruction of our liberties and most importantly, our humanity. No amount of rewards or privileges offered to us by the government (municipal, provincial, or federal) should sway us into a submissive state while we are robbed of our civil and political rights, which were granted to us by international treaties that both Canada and the United Kingdom signed in 1976[4]. This is where Canadians and Indigenous Peoples could consider a solution that would be truly revolutionary, and their intervention could inspire other nations to do the same, just as the truckers’ convoy did!

The problem:

Our current obsolete political system, Partocracy, enables elected politicians to act upon the policies they choose. These politicians will favor policies that benefit themselves and the private sector actors who support them. The WEF has openly admitted to having ingeniously penetrated[v] all levels of government: officials such as the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, ministers, and party leaders appear on the WEF’s own website[vi]! The aggressive globalist agenda that our politicians are enthusiastically defending will financially ruin us for generations to come and force us into servitude as Chinese-inspired systems of social credit are applied.

In addition, the only form of democracy in Canada is parliamentary democracy, which is a democracy only for parliamentarians. The collective people have no voice in government! For example, our political class is oblivious to the social injustice done by the management of the COVID-19 pandemic and the never-before-seen levels of discrimination that were encouraged by our leaders, including against those who were injured by following the mandates. Yet, every item on the WEF’s and the Woke movements’ agendas are applauded and almost all adopted, without our informed consent, even if these can have a serious impact on the majority of citizens[vii].

The mission:

Collective self-determination is one way that we could achieve a lasting, lawful change, and would surely be the greatest political evolution in Canada.

”All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” [viii]

This lawful adjustment was supposed to be granted in 1982 by Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Obviously, it has been left unattended for all these years, either on purpose (coincidentally, the fact that we do not have our civil and political rights to collective self-determination facilitates globalization) or by ignorance of the International Laws that Canada and the United Kingdom signed. The consequences of this neglect are starting to become too heavy to bear, and future generations are threatened.

Since Canada includes Indigenous Nations, who themselves have rights and treaties, Canadian citizens must consider collective self-determination by first respecting Indigenous rights. This historical shift would be the time to surmount past grievances that might have separated our nations before, and to finally envision a more cooperative and equally beneficial future.

Collective self-determination, combined with the finalisation of decolonization – which should have also been addressed in 1982 – would result in a new and true democracy in Canada, with the collective people as final decision-makers. This would encourage the evolution of an engaged citizenry. From generation to generation, this true democracy would foster collaboration among all citizens and Indigenous Nations.

With the assistance of citizen committees, with proper laws created to protect our veto power over government, and with support for the citizens who wish to inspire constructive change within their society, the government’s new main role would be to assist the communities in confronting new challenges as they would arise.

What a change that would be from being lulled into a false sense of security to benefit corporate agendas!

To achieve our inalienable rights, some experts are stressing the need to create a new system of justice to avoid corruption. However, the only safe way to ensure the success of our self-determination plan is to stay within the confines of the law: there is plenty of hope amidst the corruption. The most recent example is the final decolonization of Mauritius and the Chagos Islands from the United Kingdom[ix].

Our true humanity and freedom cannot thrive in a society of constant surveillance with rewards for ”good” citizens based on globalist criteria, and penalties for the rest. To counteract the use of guilt, fear, and ignorance in the advancement of the government’s plans, citizens and Indigenous Peoples must resort to something much stronger. So strong, in fact, that it has been denied to us since 1982 and even before: our rightful place as collective Head of State with full veto power over those we elect! Canadians and Indigenous Peoples deserve so much more than what this country is becoming!

The Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP

Nicole Lebrasseur, C.E.O.

Tel: 226-777-5580

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